Course Syllabus

9th grade Physical Education and Health Syllabus

  1. WEEK ONE. Standard- mental and emotional health (MEH).
  • Discuss all types of mental disorders ranging from depression to anorexia.
  • Research an individual with a diagnosed mental disorder for class discussion.
  • Write a rap song using vocabulary from Chapter 3. To include self-esteem, OCD and PTSD.
  • Using a raft template watch the documentary “America the Beautiful” for evaluating how self-esteem effects lifestyle choices.
  • View parts of films and TV shows of characters with mental disorders and describe the symptoms as well as know the difference between them.
  • Play review bingo and take an assessment.
  • Understand the differences between types of personality disorders and toxic abuse.
  • Google slide presentations on narcissistic abuse.
  1. WEEK TWO. Standard –personal consumer health (PCH).
  • Observe several power points on different cancers, ATV safety, dangers of tattoos, sleep deprivation as well as the importance of organ donation.
  • View the life story of Jason Ray and discuss his organization.
  • Students will create replicas of eyeballs to simulate the lack of sleep on the body.
  • Students will draw a picture page on the signs of skin cancer.
  • Students will take an assessment on the PCH topics.


  1. WEEK THREE and FOUR- Standard Nutrition and Physical Activity (NPA).
  • Students will listen to food lectures “raps” for vocabulary comprehension and student lead questions.
  • Students will create a healthy menu for the week. As well as, learn to use the food labels.
  • Students will watch inspiration stories of individuals who have lost weight by diet changes.
  • Students will learn muscles and bones and create the structure of the hand.
  • Students will learn the lifestyle diseases that are caused by poor diet such as strokes and heart attacks and how to prevent them as well as CPR techniques.
  • Students will create a fitness booklet to include exercises for muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.
  1. WEEK FIVE , SIX and SEVEN- Standard Alcohol Tobacco and Drugs (A.T.O.D).
  • Create a public service announcement on the dangers of drinking and driving. Use statistics and slogans.
  • View an episode of “Intervention” and record the stages of alcoholism that are present in the character.
  • Discuss the dangers of all tobacco products. View the life of Pam Laffin and Debbie Austin.
  • Play bingo for vocabulary review SIDS, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, etc.
  • Listen to lectures and answer teacher lead activities on all illegal drugs.
  • Create a pamphlet detailing the consequences of a drug that they choose to highlight.
  • Take an assessment on all topics to include alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
  • View personal stories of individuals who have lost their battle with drugs as well as survived.
  1. WEEK EIGHT and NINE. Interpersonal Communication Relationships (ICR).
  • Pre quiz on teen pregnancy and STD’s.
  • Students will draw and learn the female anatomy and their functions.
  • Discussion on appropriate dating behavior.
  • Power point on the different types of STD’s
  • Date rape awareness. Refusal skills.
  • Understand what emotional abuse and be able to identify it.
  • Discussion on abstinence as well as effective contraception methods.
  • Review for assessment as well as final exam.


*Students will be prepped on safety, rules and uniform requirements within the first week of school.  Uniforms are mandatory.

  • August , September, October all students will learn the rules for Softball, Soccer, Tennis and Flag football. Students will learn the mechanics of throwing, striking, and kicking.  Students will play games that reflect each sport.  Students will participate in lead up activities for each sport. Students will learn cooperation skills for managing their own games.
  • November, December, January students will transition for indoor sports. Including, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton and Ultimate Frisbee.  In partnered groups students will learn to pass, serve, set and spike.  Shoot free throws, layups and jump shots.  In   Badminton students will demonstrate strokes consisting of serves, overhead shots and drop shots. After mechanics have been mastered match play will begin.


  • Students will warm up and cool down before each class. Students will participate in yoga weekly. 


  • Students will perform cardiovascular as well as muscular endurance activities throughout the semester. Students will learn to measure target heart rate zones for appropriate fitness levels.
  • Online Physical Education will require students to show up with me to perform calisthenics.


Course Summary:

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